The Rushlight Show takes place on 31 January 2013 at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London and will be of interest for any person or organisation that is active in the UK & Irish cleantech sector, whether as a technology developer, deployer, product manufacturer, service provider, investor, analyst, adviser or commentator. The day includes three conferences, one for cleantech developing organisations, another for established cleantech businesses and the third for Sustainability Directors and practitioners who are looking to deploy clean technology solutions. There will also be an exhibition of current exciting new clean technologies, workshops for cleantech developers, deployers and those following developments, opportunities to meet a significant number of active investors, other funding providers and customers looking for the latest solutions. Anyone who is a cleantech developer, adopter, deployer, customer, sustainability professional, investor, service provider or commentator should expect to gain enormously from taking part in this very competitively priced event.


Monthly informal network meeting in London to bring together energy managers, environmental managers, sustainability professionals and others responsible for the management of an organisation’s environmental footprint, recording their group’s carbon emissions and managing their supply chain. Some of them are not the full 2048 by 2048 pixel resolution, but they work great in landscape mode, so check them out anyway…


The Rushlight Built Environment Briefing is an early evening event format involving the highest quality speakers and experts in their fields and a significant networking opportunity for those participating in and interested in the built environment. These events are designed to inform built environment professionals about the available solutions, regulatory needs and business opportunities in property and construction as the existing building stock is refurbished to improve its environmental footprint and new buildings and other structures are designed to meet the new regulatory objectives of zero carbon and sustainable construction by 2016 and 2019.


Rushlight Events is the main website for the Rushlight branded events of Eventure Media Ltd. All the Rushlight Events provide support, coverage and promotion for developers of clean technologies and those organisations that have a role in the bringing of new clean technologies to market. Included in this range of events are the Built Environment Briefings and the Investor Briefings.


ENTRIES CLOSED ON THE 31 OCTOBER 2012. A celebration and promotion of environmental innovation and technology. An opportunity for entrants to win up to 3 awards with one entry, to receive a valuable prize, to gain both local and national media coverage and to represent the UK in the European Business Awards for the Environment. For sponsors, an opportunity to publicise your interest, role and positioning in this sector and, for attendees at the Gala Dinner on 31 January 2013, the opportunity to host clients, colleagues and contacts but still be entertained and to network with the key people active in this sector. The competition will be open to entries shortly.