Rushlight Summer Showcase 2018

This is what delegates thought of the event:

Well done for a very informative and productive day – Michael Hamer, Technical Development Manager, NEA

A great venue and good turnout. Also interesting companies and investors – Hamish Watson, Director, Polysolar Ltd

Many thanks for an excellent day yesterday, really good management teams and discussions.  Its great being able to meet so many good management teams on one day – Jim Totty, Sustainable Technology Investors Ltd

Excellent event as always. – Dr John R Williams, Senior Partner, Sinvestec LLC

Thank you for an excellent Rushlight conference and exhibition yesterday.  I personally had many good conversations with investors and other interested parties, so am following up today – Nick Kitchin, CEO, Cumulus Energy Storage Ltd

Everyone knew what to expect and what to do next which is the main reason for the automatic flow of events yesterday.  I had a good day. I have received emails from your core investor group asking for our business plan and one meeting is set up in London. A couple of potential orders from companies requiring a gas cleaning and compression solution. – Amit Roy, CEO, Engas

Thank-you so much for giving me the opportunity to exhibit at the Rushlight Summer Showcase. It was my first time to attend and I found it very valuable, with almost everyone I wanted to speak to under one roof. Congratulations on your excellent organisation of the event – Craig Jamieson, Director, Straw Innovations

Thank you for organising the event, very enjoyable and useful. Very well run – Adrian Pugsley, Univ of Ulster

The event was really exciting and well organised. We met several entrepreneurs with great ideas and passion.  All in all this was a very positive event for us and we made great connections – Alessandro Mele, CEO, EthicalFin

Rushlight Show 2018

There were a number of articles written about the event.  The following, for example, appeared in Ethical Performance at—exporting-britain-sustainably-at-rushlight-show

This is what delegates thought of the 2018 event:

Thank you for a stimulating event last Thursday – David Gee, Boundary Capital

Thank you for a wonderfully organised event, I certainly enjoyed the speeches as well as the networking opportunities – Evangelos Malliaras, Engineering Project Manager, Dearman

Thanks again for a great event, we met quite a few interesting folks had some good conversations! – Emily Moder, COO, SteamaCo

Thanks for organising the fantastic Rushlight Show. I made lots of connections and have been busy sending emails to them all this morning, it was a great event for networking – Sean T. Barlow, Project Engineer – Nuclear & Defence Sector, DavyMarkham Limited

Thanks for organising all of this and thanks for putting on such a good event last week – Dr Henry T Bookey, Theme Leader – Energy and Guided Wave Optics, Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics

The event was great for me. The presentations in the beginning gave a very informative overview of the funding trends in energy research in the UK, which are particularly interesting to me – Xi Jiang, Queen Mary University of London

I want to congratulate you on your organisation of such a fantastic day. I’m not quite sure how you and your team pull it off as there is clearly a heck of a lot to do, but the show was thoroughly enjoyable, educational and motivational – Paul Barker, Eurotec Environmental Limited

I was very impressed by the quality of businesses looking for investment and had some very interesting conversations in the exhibition – Jim Totty, Sustainable Technology Investors Ltd

Congratulations on another successful show. There were some very interesting companies at the event – Peter Higgins, Rapid Innovation Group

Thank you for having us in the Rushlight Show. I really enjoyed the event and speaking to people from different companies working on different products. I thought that the event was planned nicely, and had the option to choose between different venues addressing various topics, visit house cleaning services near me. Thanks for your help and looking forward to the June event – Omar Ramadan, University of Nottingham

Good event , was surprised with the number of visitors , some interesting leads which I can follow through.  I’m hoping by next event I will have a ground breaking new product to launch and would seriously consider using this event to launch it – Mohamed Hanslod,  CEO,  Bri-Tek Technologies –

Yes we had a good day, lots of interesting contacts and conversations and always useful to catch up with the movers and shakers from IUK, BEIS etc. – Tom Harrison, Oaktec

Congrats on a successful event!  I should add that I’ve had three investors approach as a result of the presentation – a pretty decent hit rate for this crowd – so I wanted to say thanks again for the opportunity to pitch on the main stage. Really appreciate the professional management and support! – Sean Peters, CEO, DryGro

Delighted to be there. Great fun and make sure you keep doing it!! – Alex Gilbert, Amber Infrastructure

Thoroughly enjoyed the event, thank you for organising such an excellent show! – Emma Haskett, Commercial Director, Bennamann

Thank you for putting it together – it was a great event – Gavin Taylor, Energy Dept, Mitsui

Thanks for organising a very stimulating day.  I was exhausted but made some great contacts – Neil Kermode, Managing Director, The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Limited

It was a pleasure and privilege – thank-you for the opportunity to share our story. You do a sterling job organising this event, truly a tour de force – beautifully styled, great people, inspiring and energising – Nikki DiGiovanni, CEO, ReusefulUK

Thank you for everything last week too, we thoroughly enjoyed it and have made some good contacts.  The event was so busy, I hadn’t expected such a big footfall so that shows the great work you are doing – well done – Mark Buchanan, Founder & Technical Director, Extreme Low Energy –

I really enjoyed the Rushlight Show and presentations were very interesting – Prathipa Ragunathan, Innovation Analyst, EDF Energy R&D UK

Many thanks for organizing a thoroughly impressive show – Clive Tomlinson, Chartered Engineer, Swanbarton Limited

Just a brief line to congratulate you on a well organised and stimulating conference and award ceremony – Jan Pilkington-Miksa, CEO, Solar Water Plc

Rushlight Show 2017

“Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. EMEC saw great value in meeting some of the most pioneering cleantech companies around, as well as engaging in some positive conversations around the encouraging development of hydrogen in the U.K.” –
Catrin Sutherland, EMEC

Great event and always pleased to be involved.  Congratulations on the 10 years – John Williams, Sinvestec

It was a great event as ever, thanks for including us at late notice. – Pete Stirling, Dashboard

Many thanks also for the event – well done! A very worthwhile day and many good connections made… – Kevin Fitzgibbon, Predictive Control Solutions

Many thanks for organising the Rushlight show last week – I found it very interesting. – Jason Hunter, Capitas Finance

It was my pleasure to be part of such a great event. Well done (again). – Ali Naini, Managing Director, Turquoise International Limited

It was a pleasure to partake. I felt it was a highly successful and constructive day with lots to follow up.   Congratulations on pulling it all together. – Gavin Taylor, Assistant General Manager, Energy Dept, Mitsui Europe

A really enjoyable and inspiring event – Mike Roberts, Managing Director, HAB Housing

There were even more high quality delegates present than in previous years.  Congratulations to you for organising such a successful event! – Paul Derry, partner, Venner Shipley

Congratulations on a great event. It was inspiring to see the entrepreneurs and startups pitch their ideas and business models. – Amy A.Razek, operations officer, Trade & Competitiveness,  IFC World Bank

It was really amazing! Thanks a lot.  Would be great to join next year again.visit site. – Elena  Dieckmann,  AEROPOWDER (Co-Founder)

By way of feedback I’d like to express my appreciation for this event.   Excellent networking. – Robin Young, Applied Materials Technology

I thought the event was impressively attended and well run. In all, a great success. – Andrew Bond, Partner, Smith & Williamson

Well done on a great event – J A Lydiard Wilson, Managing Director – Accenture Operations